"I had the absolute pleasure of working with Maestro Emmanuel Plasson as our conductor for a concert of French music, with a special focus on Massenet's 'Thaïs.' From the moment we began, it was clear that Maestro Plasson possessed not only keen musical intuition but also an unmatched dedication to creating a deeply personal interpretation.

Maestro Plasson is not just a conductor but a warm and enthusiastic collaborator. He has an evident love for singers and an innate ability to bring out the best in vocalists. His dedication to the nuances of the music and the needs of the performers was truly remarkable. He brings depth and specificity to my work as a singer, allowing me to bring my interpretation of 'Thaïs' more vividly to life.

During our collaboration, Maestro Plasson not only conveyed an impeccable understanding of Massenet's score but also inspired with his passion and expertise. His ability to demand technical precision in service of emotional resonance elevated our performance to a level of artistry I could be very proud of.

Maestro Plasson is not just a conductor but a musical partner who fosters an environment where creativity flourishes. He ensured that everyone involved felt valued and understood, creating a collaborative atmosphere that brought out the best in all of us."


Lara - soprano


"The coaching sessions with Maestro Plasson (not to mention singing under his baton!) really make us singers use our breath and body and help put all our hard work in the practise rooms to the service of the music, dramatic context and moment. I felt myself strongly that way as well as observed that effect on my colleagues. Every detail Maestro points out is in the end always about the character. I think it is rather rare to have a conductor or a vocal coach so entirely committed to help us, singers, be better and more committed singing-actors on the stage!


Maestro Plasson is also an extremely warm and giving person. I always left our working sessions with a very good feeling of having achieved something and really improved myself. The academy not only gave me a deeper insight into the French repertoire and another layer to my arias, but I felt empowered having sung under his baton! Evoking that kind of a feeling in a young musician is truly priceless and speaks highly of Maestro Plasson as a conductor, pedagogue and human!"


Ireene - mezzo-soprano

"As a participant in his French Music Academy 2023, I had the privilege of witnessing Maestro Plasson's exceptional knowledge and dedication.

Maestro Plasson's profound understanding of French music traditions, along with his dedication to excellence, created an unforgettable experience of both studying and working. Maestro Plasson's approach to French diction was intelligent, making even the most challenging aspects feel effortless.

Beyond his musical prowess, Maestro Plasson's leadership and interpersonal skills fostered a collaborative and respectful environment. His enthusiasm and encouragement inspired us to strive for greatness.

I wholeheartedly recommend him, confident that his remarkable abilities will inspire many singers and benefit the theaters."


Hanxiao - soprano